I appreciate Jan Yarbrough sharing this story with us.
From Jan's description, it sounds as if it would be almost
as exciting to watch the filming of a move bank robbery
as the bank robbery itself.
This may not be a Mississippi outlaw, but the tale is interesting anyway.  Jessie
James and his gang, which at that time, I think, included the Dalton boys, once
robbed the bank in Silver Creek, Mississippi.  A movie was made of the story in
the early 1950's and starred Don "Red" Barry and, I think, Peggy Castle.  My
dad had gone to school for awhile shortly after the turn of the century in
Monticello and heard the tale there.  When the filming of the movie started,
Daddy and Momma took me up to Silver Creek one Sunday to watch the filming
that was going on.  They had covered the streets with saw dust and put false
fronts on most of the buildings and included wooden sidewalks in front of the
buildings.  The only original store front I remember now was the original bank
that Jessie robbed.  I'm sure there must be some folks still around Silver
Creek that remember all of this.
With many thanks to Sam Brackstone for sharing this with us:  In December
of 1874, Jesse James robbed the Tishomingo Savings bank in Corinth, MS.