Mississippi Executions
1804 - 1860

Some information is missing; in case of slaves, owner's name, if known, is in parenthesis.

HARPE, WILEY    33   White   Male   Murder   Hanging   2/1804   Tishomingo

MAY, JAMES    White   Male   Murder   Hanging   2/1804   Scott

BAKER, JAMES    Male   Murder   Hanging   2/1804   Adams

JONES, ISAAC    White   Male   Murder   Hanging   7/1821   Adams

UNKNOWN Slave    Black   Male   Attempted Rape   Hanging   6/1822   Jackson

UNKNOWN Slave    Black   Male   Hanging   1/1824   Adams

CICILY , Slave    Black   Female   Murder   Hanging   5/1850   Tippah

HICKS    White   Male   Murder   Hanging   12/1850   Lowndes

CUNNINGHAM    Black   Hanging   1856   Jasper

UNKNOWN Slave    Black   Hanging   1856   Lawrence

CARR, FRANK    White   Male   Murder   Hanging   1856

BILL, Slave    Black   Male   Murder   Hanging   1856   Neshoba

BOVARD, YOUNG    White   Male   Murder   Hanging   6/1856   Pike

ALECK (PRICHARD)    Black   Male   Slave   Murder   Hanging   6/1856   Pike

DICK (PRICHARD)    Black   Male   Murder   Hanging   6/1856   Yazoo

HENRY (PRICHARD)    Black   Male   Murder   Hanging   6/1856   Yazoo

ROBERSON, WILLIAM    White   Male   Murder   Hanging   11/1856   Yazoo

CLAIBORNE, Slave    Black   Male   Murder   Hanging   12/1856   Yazoo

HAMPTON, Slave    Black   Male   Murder   Hanging   1857   Pike

COPELAND, JAMES    White   Male   Hiwayman, conspiracy to murder   Hanging   1/1857

BUSE, WILLIAM    White   Male   Murder   Hanging   11/1858   Oktibbeha

WINGO, GREEN, Slave    Black   Male   Murder   Hanging   1859   Perry

MASK, PLEASANT    White   Male   Murder   Hanging   3/1859   Tishomingo