Crimea:  Land of Mystery
Cliffs in Crimea, near the River of Joy, surrounded by a forest of wild hazel nut trees.
The top of Sokol Mountain catches the early
morning light; Novy, Svet, Crimea.
Village house in southern Crimea
is a backdrop for spring blossoms.
The ancient Greeks would take the bodies of their
deceased sailors in open boats through the "Golden
Gate" on their way to burial.
Rock formations, Simieiz, Crimea
The blue seas and hills of Novy Svet, Crimea
Beaches of Novy Svet
Goats keep watch over an abandoned under-mountain
Soviet submarine base across the river; note the
"secret" entrance (upper right).
Centuries ago the Ukraine was known as the
breadbasket of Europe; Crimea is famous for its
fruit trees, as well as its flowers...especially
The "Dragon's Backbone"...Novy Svet
KaZantip, Azowskie Sea
If the pace of life is too hectic, you could always
consider a move to Crimea...the profession of the
person who stays in this small hut is "sunflower
field watcher!"  I've heard of watching the grass
grow, this must be something similar.
A tree pushes up through a cliff.
Crimean blue
Church within a mountain, Bakhchysaray
"Black Mountain"
Crimean beach
Near the city of Simferopol
Simieiz, Crimea
Above & right, Szolkino, Azowskie Sea