Grandpa's Old Truck
Today I drove out from the city,
To visit my Grandpa's old farm.
It was a good day to drive and just be alive,
The day was sunny and warm.

It was kind of hard, when I pulled up in the yard,
And saw his old truck parked under a tree.
I was thinking back, when he'd put lunch in a sack,
And he'd go adventurin' with me.

The old Chevy looked drab, with dust on the cab,
It's condition was breaking my heart.
I thought, with a little work and a good battery,
I'd bet this old truck would soon start.

And it came to pass, with a battery and gas,
The old truck was ready to run.
So, set for a ride, we all jumped inside
And I drove out, like Grandpa had done.

Down at the creek, we went fishin'.
We had lunch and napped under a tree,
The same old oak that had sheltered
My wonderful Grandpa and me.

-- Ray Twist