Enchanted Evenings:
Movie Palaces of the Art Deco Era
The Saenger Theatre, New Orleans, LA
Left, above and below:  The California Theatre,
San Bernadino, CA; note the mural below.
Left and above: The Chicago Theatre, Chicago, IL
The Civic Theatre, Akron, OH
The movie theatres of the 1920's were built on a scale unequaled either before or since.  Individual houses sprang up all
across America, and major chains grew even larger...Orpheum, Paramount, Fox, Loew's State and others, tried to out do one
another in capacity and grandeur. Going to the theatre was a social event and enjoying the awe-inspiring ambiance of the
movie palaces, as they were often called, was as much a part of the evening as the entertainment. It was in the architectural
age of Art Deco and most of the theatres reflected the era.  Beginning in the 1950's-1960's, some of these elegant movie
theatres began to fall into disrepair, mimicking the downtown areas they occupied.  Sadly, many have been demolished and
many others converted to other uses.  However, the 1980's-1990's saw a deepening appreciation of these grand old buildings
and millions of dollars have been spent since then, restoring them to their former magnificence.  These Grand Dames still
inspire awe.  And they still know how to put on a show.  Let's go to the movies!  -- Nancy
The Fox Theatre,
St. Louis, MO
The Landmark Theatre,
Syracuse, NY
The Paramount Theatre, Aurora, IL
The Grand Theatre, Macon, GA                         The Paramount Theatre, Austin, TX
The State Theatre, Sandusky, OH
The Saenger Theatre is located in my hometown of
New Orleans, LA.  I have wonderful memories of
attending movies in this magnificent theatre.  One of
the things for which it is most famous is its ceiling
of  twinkling stars and moving clouds, giving the
audience the feeling of being in an outdoor theater.
The Coronado Theatre, Rockford, IL
The Community Arts Theatre, Williamsport, PA
Music:  Time in a Bottle

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The Orpheum Theatre, Phoenix, AZ
Saenger Theatre