From the Air:

Lakeview is a neighborhood situated in the northwest portion of the city, bordered on one side by
Lake Pontchartrain and on one side by the 17th Street Canal.  Bellaire Drive, the street that backs up
to the Canal, is the street where we lived for several years (but we'd moved before Katrina).  It is
the street in the photo directly below and one you'll see on most of the photos on this page.  The
floodwalls of the 17th Street Canal failed and the water surged through the break only a few houses
down from my former home. I know many of the people whose homes you will see below--friends
and former neighbors--who lost everything when the badly designed and constructed floodwall
collapsed, as others did for the same reasons in other areas of the city.  Lakeview was one of the
most devastated neighborhoods in New Orleans, no home or business was untouched.  But the
good news is:  Lakeview has made a remarkable comeback.   -- Nancy
Lake water pours into the city from the broken levee of the 17th Street Canal.
Above & two photos below:  Helicopters attempt to stop the flooding by dropping huge
sandbags into the breach.  These efforts didn't begin until days after the breach and
Lakeview and the city were already inundated.  Water continued to hemorrhage, stopping
only when the lake water and flood water finally equalized to the same level.
Facing Lakeview, with downtown New Orleans in the distance.
Above:  The 17th Street Canal was never more of a boundary line than when this photo was taken;
bottom of picture, neighboring Jefferson Parish is dry; above the canal, Lakeview is under water.  
The open space toward the top of the photo, which looks like a river, is actually a street, West
End, a wide boulevard, on this day, suitable only for travel by boat.   Below:  In this picture, the
canal is toward the top and the area below and to the right was a lakefront marina.
Orleans Parish on the left; Jefferson Parish on the right.
Bellaire Drive at the breach
Lakeview, city skyline in the distance.
17th Street Canal, with Lakeview above it, after the flood waters had receded.
Remarkable progress:
December, 2005, an eerie spectacle:  Jefferson Parish is ablaze with lights,
while across the canal, Lakeview sits in total darkness.
May, 2006: progress, a few lights--some residents are back at home in Lakeview.
June, 2007:  still not as bright as it once was, but look at the lights reflecting
the number of people who are once more calling Lakeview home.
Three photos above thanks to The Times-Picayune.