A Final Look

A few final images.
For the first time in its history, a
mandatory evacuation is called for
the city of New Orleans.
The Twin Spans across Lake
Pontchartrain, between New Orleans and
Slidell, after the storm.
It's difficult to imagine that water can have such
power...Chalmette, St. Bernard Parish.
Photo thanks to Steve Melancon.
The infamous blue tarps...a fixture all across south Louisiana and Mississippi.
Animal rescue volunteers came to New Orleans
from all over the country, in hopes of saving as
many abandoned pets as possible.
A rescue in Mid-City demonstrates the kind of skill the people who flew the helicopter missions
had to have...dodging wires and each other in the crowded skies over New Orleans, sometimes in
total darkness.  This photo was taken by Kevin M. Himel.  The location is the neighborhood
behind St. Anthony of Padua Church on Canal Street.
Mid-City neighborhood, probably Banks Street.  Photo courtesy of Kevin M. Himel.
Lines of ambulances transporting
people to the airport.
Lower Ninth Ward
Memorial at the 17th Street Canal in Lakeview, 1st anniversary of the levee failures.
Caked residue from flood waters
on desks in St. Bernard Parish.
A fire caused by a gas leak burns unabated.
The day before expected landfall,
access to the city was closed.