Landmarks Post Katrina - Places You May Know
This is the old Dixie Brewery on Tulane
Avenue.  Photo courtesy of Kevin M. Himel.
The lion still stands guard at Pritchard Place on
Carrollton Avenue, but only rubble remains from
the Archbishop's home.  It burned to the ground
from a gas leak during the days immediately after
the levee breaches.
St. Roch Chapel and Cemetery
~ ~ ~
"The dead slumber peacefully;
They fear not, neither do they cry."
~ ~ ~
Above and below, Canal Street under water; below,
National Guard units in amphibious tanks patrol.
Liuzza's Restaurant in Mid-City - this photo
was taken by Kevin M. Himel.
Circle Grocery
Memorial Hospital (formerly Baptist Hospital),
where both my son and I were born.
Mt. Carmel Academy, Robert E. Lee Avenue
The historic New Basin Canal Lighthouse
suffered catastrophic damage.  
Historic St. Louis No. 1 Cemetery sits in flood
water as a National Guard vehicle goes by.
Throughout the history of New Orleans, St. Louis Cathedral has been silent witness to
soldiers of five different flags---the aftermath of the levee failures is the latest of many
incidences of soldiers marching through Jackson Square.
St. Joseph's Church on Tulane Avenue.  Photo was taken
by Kevin M. Himel, whose grandparents were married in
this church.  Mr. Himel was with members of the N.O.
SWAT team the day this photo was taken.
Ferrara's Super Market,
Robert E. Lee Boulevard & Elysian Fields Avenue
The landmark below is not in New Orleans, but New Orleanians are very familiar with it.
When Hurricane Camille hit the MS Gulf Coast in 1969, this boat was one of several
washed up onto the shore.  Rather than removing it, the people who owned the property
renamed it the S. S. Hurricane Camille and left it as a tourist attraction in front of their
souvenir shop, in Gulfport, MS.  Amazingly, it weathered Hurricane Katrina (a little the
worse for wear), but the same can't be said of the building which housed the souvenir
store next to it, it was totally destroyed.  The owners have decided not to rebuild and the
property is now for sale, so the fate of the S. S. Camille is yet to be determined.
Historic Dueling Oak in City Park
Lakeside Mall
Methodist Hospital, New Orleans East.
Fitzgerald's Seafood Restaurant, Lakefront --
where it used to be.
Yaeger's Seafood Restaurant, Lakefront --
where it used to be.
St. John
Lutheran School,
on Canal near
where my
son, Jim,
1st - 7th
Frostop on Claiborne Avenue
Unitarian Church, Lakeview
Whitney Bank, Harrison Avenue, Lakeview
The Joy Theater on Canal Street is abandoned; a
for sale sign can be seen above the marquee.
Mercy Hospital - this photo was taken by Kevin M. Himel.