Baldridge and Turrentine Families
Samuel Henderson Turrentine was
born in 1811, in Orange County,
NC; died 1890; he was a
g-grandson of Samuel Turrentine;
a son of Daniel and Elizabeth
Steele Turrentine; Elizabeth was
the daughter of Col. John Steele,
Jr., hero of the Battle of Alamance.
Martitia Caroline, wife of
Samuel Henderson Turrentine
Archelaus Turrentine, 1796 - 1885
was a g-grandson of Samuel
Turrentine; a son of Samuel & Sarah
Wilson Turrentine. Samuel was
Sheriff of Orange Co., NC, US
Marshal, Dist. of NC; Major, War of
Tombstones of Samuel Turrentine and Alexander Turrentine; Alexander was my
5-g-grandfather.  The two brothers came from Ireland together, first to Lancaster
County, PA, and eventually settling in Orange County, NC, where they both lived
out their lives.  Below left, tombstone of Alexander's wife, Deborah Spence
Turrentine.  Below right, the tombstone of the second wife of Samuel Turrentine,
Mary Bryant.  They are buried in the Turrentine Family Cemetery on land which
once belonged to Samuel Turrentine, in present day Durham County, NC.
Rubbing from the tombstone of Capt. John Baldridge.  
Capt. Baldridge was the grandson of my original Baldridge
immigrants, William and Janette Holms Baldridge.
"John Baldridge was in the battle of Ramsours, near
Lincoln Courthouse under Gen. Rutherford; in battle of
Brier Creek at Mr. Toone's in Iredell County; in battle at
Punenburg, SC; at Cowen's and Beattie's Fords in NC
under Gen. Davidson (Gen. Davidson killed).  He was living
near the battleground, went on the ground and saw Gen.
Davidson and others lying dead.  Capt. Baldridge, after the
forces under Cornwallis had left, obtained horses and
carried his wife out of danger of the British and Tories and
the same day returned to his company."  Written by Capt
Baldridge's brother, Alexander, upon application for
pension by John's widow, Isabella, in 1843.
Josiah Walker Baldridge, son of
James and Martha TURRENTINE
BALDRIDGE.  He was born in
Orange County, NC in 1798;
married Sarah Wells HODGE in
Orange County; died in 1876,
Mission Valley, Texas.  Josiah's
mother was the sister of my
4-g-grandmother, Elizabeth
Turrentine Baldridge and his father
was the nephew of my
4-g-grandfather, Francis Baldridge.
Map showing Baldridge & Turrentine land holdings in Orange County, late 1700's

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