Gazetteer of Orange County, NC

Alphabetical List of the Names of Business and Professional Men
"North Carolina Tobacco Belt Directory of 1886" by Charles Emerson

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Allison, D. S.;  blacksmith shop;  Caldwell Institute
Allison, Miss M. J.;  postmistress;  Caldwell Institute
Bingham, Maj. Robt.;  supt. Bingham School;  Bingham School
Bradshaw, T. P.;  postmaster and general store;  Bradshaw
Cates, L. M.;  general store;  Rock Springs
Cates, T. J.;  postmaster;  Rock Springs
Compton, A. J.;  grist mill;  Cedar Grove
Dodson, T. G.;  grist mill;  Rock Spring
Ellis, T. C.;  postmaster and general s tore;  Cedar Grove
Faucett, M. R.;  postmaster;  Faucett
Faucett, W. R.;  general store;  Faucett
Harris, H. Y. & Co.; general store;  Caldwell Institute
Hawkins, J. W.;  saw mill;  Laws
Hawkins, W.;  steam saw mill;  Laws
Horner, T. J.;  blacksmith shop;  Laws
Hughes, J. K.;  grist mill;  Border
Johnson, J. L.;  station agent;  University Station
Jordan, A. C.;  physician;  Caldwell Institute
Jordan, L. N.;  blacksmith shop;  Cedar Grove
King, M.;  general store;  Blackwood
King, R. S.;  postmaster;  Blackwood
Lasley, T. P.;  blacksmith shop;  Oaks
Laws, J. Jr.;  postmaster and general store;  Laws
Lloyd, H.;  general store;  Faucett
Lloyd, H. B.;  physician;  Faucett
Lloyd, W. R.;  steam saw mill;  Faucett
Lynch & Neal;  steam saw mill;  University Station
McAdams, J.;  Postmaster;  Border
McCauley Bros.;  grist mill;  University Station
McKee & Riley;  steam saw mill;  Caldwell Institute
May, G. D.;  shoe shop;  Oaks
Moore, M. W.;  grist mill;  Rock Springs
Moore, Oldham & Stanford;  grist mill and cotton gin;  Oaks
Morrow & Webb;  general store;  Oaks
Morrow, J. & Sons;  saw and grist mills;  Oaks
Neal, J. L.;  postmaster;  University Station
Neal & Lynch;  steam saw mill;  University Station
Parker, G. W.;  saw mill;  Cedar Grove
Parker, T. J.;  saw mill;  Laws
Patterson, S. C.;  steam saw mill;  Gath
Patterson, T. W.;  physician;  Gath
Patton, B. C.;  supt. Cedar Grove Academy;  Cedar Grove
Pickard, J. F.;  general store;  Gath
Riley & McKee;  steam saw mill;  Caldwell Institute
Stafford, W. G.;  physician;  Oaks
Stroud, W. M. & Co.;  general store;  University Station
Srayhorn, M.
[Strayhorn ?];  blacksmith shop;  Faucett
Teer, J. P.;  general store;  Oaks
Terrell, W. M.;  physician;  Cedar Grove
Terry, J. W.;  general store;  Caldwell Institute
Thompson, G. W.;  postmaster and general store;  Gath
Turner, E.;  saw mill;  Caldwell Institute
Vincent, S.;  blacksmith shop;  
Cedar Grove
Webb, Mrs. E.;  postmistress;  Oaks
Webb & Morrow;  general store;  Oaks
White, C. & C.;  general merchandise;  Bingham School
Workman, S. M.;  saw and grist mill;  Faucett
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