Gazetteer of Orange County, NC:  Chapel Hill

Alphabetical List of the Names of Business and Professional Men
"North Carolina Tobacco Belt Directory of 1886" by Charles Emerson
Alexander, James M.;  attorney at law
Barbee, A. S.;  general merchandise
Battle, Hon. Kemp P.;  pres. of the Faculty University of NC
Bland, T. A.;  jeweler, dealer in watches, clocks and jewelry
Boothe, F. P.;  dealer in general merchandise
Brew, H. B.;  boot and shoe maker
Brim, Jack;  blacksmith
Brockwell, Jackson;  cotton gin and grist mill
Carroll, Thos. and Charles;  cotton gin
Carr, J. W.;  general merchandise
Cate;  Thomas;  wood shop
Cheek, Ruffin;  meat market
Dunston, Thomas;  barber and dealer in cigars
Green, Barnard;  restaurant
Harris, H. W.;  depot and express agent
Harris, Dr. J. W.;  physician
Hogan, Dr. J. R.;  physician
Hogan, O. & P.;  cotton gin
Huskey, John D.;  blacksmith
Jeffries & Co.;  saw mill
Kluttz, A. A.;  stationery, fruits, cigars, tobacco, candies, fancy groceries
Lamb, Solomon;  livery stable
Lloyd & Pritchard;  dealers in general mdse. and guano
Lynch, Dr. Wm.;  dentist
McCauley, D.;  general merchandise
McCauley, M.;  cotton gin and saw mill
McRae, R. S.;  dealer in drugs and stationery
Mallett, W. P.;  physician and postmaster
Manning, John;  attorney at law
Marcom, John;  blacksmith
Marshall, Andrew;  blacksmith
Mason, James b.;  groceries;  attorney at law
Merritt & Wilson;  druggists, dealers in drugs, books
Morris, J. R.;  groceries, provisions, etc.
Parton, Thos.;  carpenter and cabinet maker
Patterson, H. H.;  general mdse. and agt. for Tennessee wagons
Patterson, Robert;  grist mill
Pritchard & Lloyd;  dealers in general mdse. and guano
Purefoy, Haywood;  shoe maker
Purefoy, Mrs. Lucy;  cotton gin and mill
Roberson, Dr. A. B.;  physician; propr. Roberson's Hotel... in dry goods and groceries
Sugg, M. R.;  wagon maker
Trice, Geo.;  restaurant; boot & shoe maker
Watson, John H.;  propr. University Hotel
Weaver, Jordan;  restaurant
Wilson & Merritt;  druggists, dealers in drugs, books
Wilson, Dr. T. J.;  physician
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