Gazetteer of Orange County, NC:  Hillsboro

Alphabetical List of the Names of Business and Professional Men
"North Carolina Tobacco Belt Directory of 1886" by Charles Emerson
Hillsboro Officers:

Mayor:  Joseph A. Harris
Clerk:  Thomas D. Tinnin
Treasurer:  John Laws
Constable:  Devereux Turner
Commissioners:  A. W. Graham, James Webb, Jr., George C. Corbin, D. M. Laws,
                         W. H. Newman, J. W. Hooker, W. E. Steward

Name;  Profession;  Location

Bain, Jerry;  blacksmith, King St.
Beverly, Haywood;  tanner;  King St.
Cameron, Wm.;  physician;  Queen St.
Cheek, John;  manufacturer of carriages, buggies & furniture;
                      undertaker;  office and factory's end Churton St.
Cheek, J. A.;  saloon;  Churton St.
Cooley, C. S.;  furniture & undertaker;  King St.
Cooley, J. G.;  agt. Richmond & Danville RR & Southern Express Co.
Crabtree, Chas. F.;  wheelwright;  King St.
Currie, Rev. J. L.;  supt. public schools, office Court House
Faucette, Robert;  shoe maker, King St.
Graham, A. W.;  attorney at law;  Court House
Graham & Ruffin;  attorneys at law;  Churton St.
Hamilton, D. H.;  agent North Carolina Home Insurance Co.
Harris, Frank W.;  grocery and restaurant; barber shop;  King St.
Harris, Joseph A.;  mayor; editor & propr. Orange County Observer, Churton St.
Hays, J. L. G.;  saloon; King and Churton St.
Hayes, W. A.;  druggist, dealer in drugs, medicines, toilet articles;  Churton St.
Hooker, J. W.;  livery, feed & sale stable;  Churton St.
Hooker, Dr. O.;  druggist, dealer in drugs, medicines, toilet articles...
...Churton St.
Hughes, John K.;  sheriff of Orange County;  Court House
Jones, H. P. & Co.;  mnfrs. smoking tobacco; office/factory near depot
Jones, J. E.;  general merchandise;  Churton St.
Jones, Pride;  clerk superior court;  Court House
Jordan, A. C.;  coroner of Orange County;  Court House
Miss Kollock & the Misses Nash; Young ladies/girls select boarding school
Laws, D. M.;  family groceries & confectioneries;  King & Churton St.
Laws, D. M. & G.;  furniture and undertakers;  w side Court House square
Laws, John;  register of deeds Orange County;  Court House
Laws, J. & Son;  stoves and tin ware;  King St.
Lynch, Lemuel;  watches, clocks & jewelry;  King St.
Moore, Empson;  blacksmith;  King St.
Parish, C. E.;  attorney at law;  Court House
Parish, H. L.;  dry goods, notions, boots/shoes, hardware, groceries...
...tobacco; Churton St.
Parks, C. M.;  general stock; Hazard's powder; Coats' spool cotton...
...millinery; Churton St.
Parks, D. C.;  broker;  King St.
Parris, D. C.;  physician;  Queen St.
Pogue, E. H.;  propr. Occoneechee Hotel;  King St.
Roach, David;  eating house;  King St.
Rosemond, J. & Son;  general merchandise, confectioneries, fruits;  King St.
Smith, Julius;  eating saloon;  Churton St.
Spurgeon, Dr. J. W.;  dentist;  Churton St.
Stewart, W. E.;  dry goods & groceries;  Churton and King St.
Strayhorn, Ike;  attorney at law
Strudwick, Wm.;  physician;  Churton St.
Taylor, F. H.;  deputy revenue collector;  Churton St.
Taylor, Mrs. M. L.;  millinery, fancy goods & notions;  King St.
Tinnin, T. D.;  postmaster; dealer in hides, wool & paper stock...
...Court House square
Turner, Devereux;  constable
Turner, Josiah;  attorney at law
Turner, Josiah;  saddler, dealer in saddles & harness;  Churton St.
Turner, Israel;  saloon;  w side Court House square
Webb, James, Jr. & Bro.;  dry goods, notions, hardware, groceries, boots...
shoe & hats, clothing, fertilizers, agricultural implements, wagons...
lumber, furniture;  Churton St.
Webb & Co.;  manufacturers of plug & twist tobaccos...
...e side Court House square
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