Little River Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Orange County, NC
Thanks to Mary Louise Gossum and Carma McKee Boaz for these
photographs of the church and cemetery.

Whispers - Home
"Little River Presbyterian Church, organized in 1761,
Henry Patillo, pastor, 1761-1774; charter members:  
James Wm. Murdock, John Hall, Joseph Allison, Wm. Deal"
Survey of Little River Presbyterian Church Cemetery
at Allen Dew's Cemetery Census
"To the Glory of God and in Loving Memory
of these Charter Members
Little River Presbyterian Church
Organized 1761
John Hall. Rev. War, died 1785, Jean Deal. Died 1792. His Wife
William Deal. Rev. War. Died 1791. Her Father
Emigrants from
Haddington, Scotland and Ireland
and In Loving Memory of
Robert (Sharper) Hall 1764 - 1857. Ruling Elder. Their Son
Mary Erwin Riggs 1778 - 1841.  His Wife
Nelson Parrish Hall 1817 - 1902. Ruling Elder. Their Son
Nancy Robinson Bowles 1820 - 1856.  His Wife
Robert Nelson Hall, CSA, 1846 - 1926.  Their Son
Mary Ann Villines1853 - 1933.  His Wife
Martha Gadys Hall 1877 - 1978.  Their Daughter
Rev. William R. Rickman, B.A. 1869 - 1947.  Her Husband
This Marker Placed By
William Villines Rickman Born 1907.  Their Son
Ruling Elder of First Presbyterian Church,
Danville, Virginia 1983"