Vintage Orange County, NC Photographs
Miss Sarah J. Kollock's School in Hillsboro,
abt. 1897
Scott home, Hillsboro, abt. 1896
"Sans Souci" built about 1760 by William
Cain; in the mid-20th century, the home
was owned by S. T. Latta, Jr.
Dickson home, near Hillsboro, used as
headquarters by Gen. Joseph E. Johnston
in the Civil War.
The Bennett Place, where Gen. Joseph
Johnston surrendered to Gen. William
Sherman on April 26, 1865.
Photographs are from "Orange County,1752-1952,"
Edited by Hugh Lefler and Paul Wager.
Gilbert Strayhorn house, New Hope section,
built abt. 1750
Mars Hill School, abt. 1900;
Mrs. Agnes Forrest Bivins, Teacher
Carrboro abt. 1913, when it was one of the
largest hardwood cross-tie markets of the world
University School, abt. 1916
Pendergraft's Store, Chapel Hill, abt. 1918
University Athletic Store, Chapel Hill, abt.
1912; J. M. Neville and J. C. Webb
Ed Rosemond's Drug Store in
Hillsboro abt. 1911
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