Postcards from the Past:

Ghosts of the Old Highways
Travelers Hotel Court, Maryville, Tennessee, 1947
Mount Severance Motor Court, Schroon Lake, New York, 1940's
Pure Village Cottages, Harrisonburg, Virginia, 1930's
Garland's Cabins & Gulf Station, Bartlett, New Hampshire, 1948
Hudson's Modern Courts, Bartlesville, Oklahoma, 1945
Stockholm Swedish Restaurant, Somerville, New Jersey, 1950
Greyhound Bus Depot, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1937
Dutch Mill Village Tourist Court & Esso Station, Glasgow, KY, 1946
Branding Iron Auto Lodge, Laramie, Wyoming, 1942
Dixie Diner, Baltimore, Maryland, 1940's
Doherty Motel, Clare, Michigan, 1937
Dutch Village Motel, York, Pennsylvania, 1930's
Rashkin's Little Falls Hotel, Mountaindale, New York, 1948
Park Lane Motel, Canon City, Colorado, 1940's
Farmington Tourist Court, Farmington, New Mexico, 1950
Travelers Motel, Covington, Virginia, 1950
Paradise Tourist Court, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1940's
L Motel, Flagstaff, Arizona, 1949
Thanks to the Interstate Highway System, it is possible to travel
across the country from coast to coast without seeing anything.
-- Charles Kuralt
The Cabin Court, Middleton, Wisconsin, 1940's
Brandt Motel, Peabody, Kansas, 1945
Midway, Swampscott, Massachusetts, 1938
Highway through Reno, Nevada, 1940's
Hays Court, Elizabethtown, Kentucky, 1942
Crescent Tourist Court, Laurel, Maryland, 1940's
Southland Restaurant, Lewisburg, Tennessee, 1940's
The Motor Harbor, Poplar Bluff, Missouri, 1951
Eastville Court, Columbia, Missouri, 1948
Greyhound Bus Depot, Dayton, Ohio, 1940's
The McCoy Motel, Goodlettsville, Tennessee, 1940's
Ingram Hotel Court, Cheraw, South Carolina, 1940's
White Elk Motor Court, Baltimore, Maryland, 1949
Checker Motel and Cabins, Great Falls, Montana, 1950's
The Speedway, Washington, D. C., 1910
Pueblo Tourist Court, Amarillo, Texas, 1941
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