Watching                     Grow
Sarah, age 5, is the only child of our only child and, as it
turns out, the only grandchild we will ever have.  (You don't
think there's a chance she's being spoiled, do you?
Here are a few of my favorite photos, from the 20,000 or so
we've taken over the past 5 years (as a friend pointed out,
she was two before she saw what any of us looked like,
having been continually blinded by the flash from the
camera until then).  But picture-taking, spoiling and doting
are what we've all gotten good at, ever since we started
'Watching Sarah Grow!'
Y Nancy
This tee shirt read, "Grandma's House favorite website!"
Waiting to go into the ring to
re-claim her title.
Right, napping at her Granny's house...if you pushed the stuffed animals to the side,
there was almost room for Sarah!
The flower child.
Watching the sanitation truck from the
safety of Granny's gazebo.
Walking now...and exploring.  So many new things to discover!
Decked out in her Mardi Gras beads
and her Granny's sunhat.
Her cowgirl period.
"Throw me something, mister!"
Not quite ready to try out for the
Saint-sations cheerleading squad, but
ready to cheer her team on.
Catching the bubbles her dad is blowing for her...
the closest thing to magic for a two-year-old.
Sorting through Mardi Gras beads is a serious job.
First pony ride.
Not quite filling Daddy's shoes.
Showing her school colors at the petting zoo.
Three years old.
First car.
              Halloween - sampling the treats.                                   Santa's helper.
And now she's five.  Where did the lullabys, baby blankets and Tommy Tippy cups go??
Sarah and I thank you for stopping by
and we hope you'll visit again soon!

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