The Story Teller

Fuller C. Jones

With many thanks to the author for his kind permission to use this beautiful poem.
"We are the Chosen" ~ Each tribe has one
When we listen, we hear the Ancient Ones whispering:
"Tell our Story ~ From Father to Son" ~

We hear them, those who have gone before
They speak to us from through the years,
And so we tell their Stories and their Lore.

Why did they call me? ~ Why am I the one?
Because I hear their voices!
It is who I am, and who I am to become!
It is because of their courage, and will to win
Because they trusted in God,
And because of their spirit, and their strength within. ~

It is for all the Fathers, who fought and died
To make and keep us free
In them we have deep and abiding pride. ~

It is for the Mothers, who gave us life, and held us above
Safe from trials and the dangers ~
Through all they gave us Love.
They did it for us ~ with understanding I know now
That we might remember ~
And honor them, as best we know how.

So we tell their stories, all that we can find ~
For in finding them, we find ourselves
And they become the treasures of our hearts and mind.

Now one of you must listen, and answer the call of old
And take your place as a Story Teller ~
For their stories must be told.
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