Old Cape Cod
Old Cape Cod

If you're fond of sand dunes and salty air,
Quaint little villages here and there,
You're sure to fall in love with old Cape Cod.

If you like the taste of a lobster stew,
Served by a window with an ocean view,
You're sure to fall in love with old Cape Cod.

Winding roads that seem to beckon you,
Miles of green, beneath the skies of blue,
Church bells chimin' on a Sunday morn,
Remind you of the town where you were born.

If you spend an evening, you'll want to say,
Watching the moonlight on old Cape Cod bay,
You're sure to fall in love with old Cape Cod.
From A History of Martha's Vineyard
"One day a squad of British soldiers came upon the home of an aged widow living along with her little
grandson, Joseph, a lad of twelve years.  In spite of the widow's prayers and entreaties to spare her living,
they proceeded to take all of her livestock, sheep, pigs and cows.  As they were about to depart, a sergeant
spied a sleek and well-fed grunter concealed beneath the old lady's petticoat.  "Well, boys," he shouted,
"you have left the fattest of the litter behind."  Several soldiers advanced to capture the coveted quadruped,
but the good dame's prayerful tone was soon changed to one of rebellious defiance.  Seizing a heavy
broomstick, she flourished it in the face of the enemy in a manner terrible to behold.  "Away with ye, cursed
seed of the oppressor, the despoilers of the widows and the fatherless!  Take what you have of mine and
begone, but this is Joseph's pig and not a hair of him shall ye touch."  Impervious to pity, the iron-hearted
men of war advanced upon the prize.  The old woman's broomstick rattled among their bayonets at such a
rate that they were fain to call a halt.  The pig still stuck to its cover.  The sergeant, handing his musket to a
comrade, rushed in and attempted to seize the rebellious granddame by the waist.  In this rash assault, he
received such a whack on his head that he saw rockets and, possibly mistaking them for signals from the
fleet, he hastily retreated towards the soldiers, followed by a volley of red-hot coals from the fireplace."
Rows and rows of painted gingerbread houses
can be found on Martha's Vineyard.
In the same cemetery:
(left) the grave of
Benedict Arnold's
mother, Hannah, and
(right) the grave of
an American
Revolutionary soldier.
"He is now a part of
the land he once
fought to set free."
A vintage Ford truck on Martha's Vineyard
Music: Old Cape Cod