A Fine Light
The Isle of Lismore, Argyll, Scotland, as seen from the Port of Appin, on extreme right.  The island,
located in the Inner Hebrides, near Oban and Mull, is the ancestral home of my McCormick and
Carmichael ancestors.  Many members of those families fought in the Stewarts of Appin Regiment at
the Battle of Culloden.  My Scottish ancestors came from Lismore to Richmond County (later,
Scotland County), NC and, one generation later, migrated to Jefferson County, MS.  In the records of
the old Presbyterian Church there, the names of many of the Stewart of Appin families can be
found, neighbors having moved together, across the sea and across America.   -- Nancy
A light exists in the Hebrides unlike any other save the golden light of Heaven
itself.  The photographer, especially one experienced at the craft, can capture
and make his own, sights unseen by the rest of the world...like a jewel thief
secreting his cache away in the night.
-- Robert McSwain
Port Ramsay, Lismore
The Parish Church was constructed from parts of Lismore's old
cathedral, built in the 13th century, which was burned down
during the reformation.  However, no part of Lismore's first
church--that of St. Moluaig's, built in the 6th century--has been
found, but probably stood where the church stands today.  The
churchyard has some fine Medieval tombstones and is said to
be the burial place of St. Moluaig, who came to Lismore from
Ireland in 562 A.D., with fellow missionary, Columba.  Lismore
became an important monastic center and that inspires
pilgrimages to the site even today.
Lighthouse, Lismore
Remains of Coeffin Castle, Lismore, built in the 13th century, probably by the
MacDougalls of Lorn; name came from a Viking prince, whose sister was said to
haunt the castle until her remains were returned to Norway.
Rainbow graces the sky over Lismore
Port Ramsay, Lismore
Lismore comes from the Gaelic "lios-moir" meaning "Great Garden."  With its mild climate and
fertile soil, the island is blessed with abundant wild flowers and bird life.
Monument, Lismore, looking toward Port Appin
View of Lismore from Appin
Black Isle, Lismore
From the Isle of Lismore, looking toward Appin
Above, remains of a barn;
below, a croft; both on Lismore
Tale of a Thistle

Thistle, thistle, tell me life;
Across the glen I see your pride.
Asleep heather under the snow,
I drink your water - river Coe.
Under the rocks shimmer the footprints of the past...
Where Highland men held their honour, sword iron cast.
Thistle, thistle green and purple,
Each seed is hidden in our hearts -
Ready to flourish high and fast

-- Nat Hall
Far frae my hame I wander, but still my thoughts return,
To my ain folk ower yonder, in the sheiling by the burn.
I see the cozy ingle, and the mist abune the brae;
And joy and sadness mingle, as I list some auld-world lay.
And it's oh! but I'm longin' for my ain folk,
Tho' they be but lowly, puir and plain folk;
I am far beyond the sea, but my heart will ever be,
At home in dear auld Scotland, wi' my ain folk.
O' their absent ane they're telling, the auld folk by the fire;
And I mark the swift tears welling, as the ruddy flame leaps high'r.
How the mither wad caress me, were I but by her side;
Now she prays that Heav'n will bless me, tho' the stormy seas divide.
And its oh! but I'm longin' for my ain folk,
Tho' they be but lowly, puir and plan folk;
I am far beyond the sea, but my heart will ever be
At home in dear auld Scotland, wi' my ain folk

-- Traditional Song of Scotland
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