Veterans' Hospital, in Dallas, at Lisbon, 1940
Ursuline Academy, school for girls, 1908
"Theater Row," Elm Street, 1930's; "The Littlest Rebel"
starring Shirley Temple is playing at the Mirror Theater
Sunset High School, Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas, 1926
Race Track, State Fair Park, Dallas, 1930's
Old Courthouse and Cabin of Dallas' Pioneer Settler, John Neely Bryan, 1940's
St. Paul Sanitarium, 1908
North Dallas High School, 1928
Presbyterian Church, Highland Park, 1940's
Merchandise Mart, 1953
Forest High School, 1925
Hotel Adolphus, Dallas' largest hotel, 1944
Hotel Adolphus, Century Room, 1950's
Hotel Jefferson, 1940's
Hotel Adolphus, 1930's
Holy Trinity College, 1907
Fair Park Auditorium, 1939
Dallas Methodist Hospital, 1940's
Fair Park Auditorium, 1920's
Dallas Country Club, 1919
Dallas Country Club, 1913
Vintage Postcards of Dallas, Texas
City Hall, 1940's
Bryan High School, 1919
Brown Cracker & Candy Company, 1908
Baylor Hospital, 1953
First Presbyterian Church, 1940's
First Baptist Church, Dr. George Truett, Pastor 1897-1936