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I found more scenic photos than the one above when I was searching for
images for this page, but I kept coming back to this one because it
reminded me of something I'd once read or heard.

I couldn't remember the exact quote until I took this cottage from it's
original spot and placed it by the sea.  I don't know why, but it was when I
animated it, that I remembered the quote; it's from "Home" by Michael Card:

"Home is a light.  A place to leave the darkness outside."

That's what this little house is doing, keeping the light as a shelter for
those within.  But it's doing double duty, because it's, also, serving as a
comforting guide to those who are traveling in the darkness outside.

No wonder I liked the picture.  -- Nancy
A Light
The photos on this page were taken in the beautiful country of Finland.
The search for home is a restless journey, and sometimes unrewarding.
This is because people so often fail to understand that home is not
actually a physical concept, but a spiritual one.  
-- James Morgan
The train was full of people going home.  The clicking of all those garden gates,
the opening of all those front doors, the hanging up of all those hats, came over
my imagination like the caress of a half-remembered bit of music.  Every lighted
house, seen from the road, is magical.  
-- C. S. Lewis
Out of the dreariness,
into its cheeriness,
come we in weariness
-- Stephen Chalmers