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Place of Dreams
 The photos on this page are from the Amalfi Coast, in the Salerno Province of
southern Italy.  The picturesque, medieval villages, built into the steep
mountains, provide stunningly beautiful scenery.  Until recent times, the
villages were isolated by the mountains and accessible only by sea.  John
Steinbeck made the village of Positano famous in a 1950's essay by that name,
saying about the area, "It is a magical place of dreams - not quite real when you
are there, but becoming beckoningly real after you've gone."
 Today, it's a popular tourist destination, visited by thousands of people every
year.  The Amalfi Coast has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site
and it was chosen by National Geographic Magazine as one of "The 50 Places You
Must Visit in Your Lifetime," under their category titled "Paradise Found."
It isn't the things you do, dear, it's the things you leave undone
Which give you a bit of a heartache at the setting of the sun.
The tender work forgotten, the letter you didn't write,
Flowers you didn't send, dear, are your haunting ghosts at night.

The stone you might have lifted out of a brother's way,
The bit of heartsome counsel you were hurried too much to say;
The loving touch of the hand, dear, the gentle, winning tone,
Which you had no time or thought for, with troubles enough of your own.

Those little acts of kindness so easily out of mind,
Those chances to be angels which we poor mortals find,
They come in night and silence, each sad, reproachful wraith,
When hope is faint and flagging, and a chill has fallen on faith.

For life is all too short, dear, and sorrow is all too great,
To suffer our slow compassion that tarries until too late.
And it isn't the things you do, dear, it's the things you leave undone
Which give you a bit of heartache at the setting of the sun.

-- Margaret E. Sangster
Sometimes someone says something really small, and it just fits
right into an empty place in your heart.  
-- Author Unknown
I would prefer to make mistakes in kindness rather
than work miracles in unkindness.  
-- Mother Teresa
In the end, only kindness matters. -- Jewel Kilcher
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