An Autumn Welcome
The pumpkins and Indian corn and autumn leaves are all arranged.  The
orange lights and jack-o-lanterns and witches' brooms are in their proper
places.  We're as ready for Halloween and Fall as we're likely to ever be.
When I started searching for Autumn photos for October's Journals,
I kept running into pictures of front porch displays of Fall decorations.
They looked so warm and welcoming, I was inspired to dig out the
scarecrows and cornucopias along with the bats and black cats.
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I usually devote October to Halloween decorations and November to Fall
displays.  But, this year, everything went out together.  This departure
from long-standing tradition was due mainly to the images on this page.
They're all coexisting peacefully - I haven't heard any complaints from
either group.  They seem to be taking it in stride.  In fact, when the
witches, bats and cats go back to the attic on November 1st, I wouldn't be
surprised to find that the scarecrows are just a little bit lonely.
:-) Nancy
~ Happy Halloween ~             ~ Happy Fall ~
I always looked forward to visiting my grandmother's house, but Fall was
my favorite season of all.  The old maples that surrounded the house
provided bright seasonal colors, but the porch was Grandma's canvas.
Giant homegrown pumpkins and stalks of wheat and gourds and Indian corn
filled every space.  A wreath of real Autumn leaves hung on the door.  And,
as welcoming as the front porch was, inside was even better.
There was always a pumpkin pie - or apple - or mincemeat - baking.  The scents
of cinnamon and nutmeg and allspice hung in the air.  Everywhere you looked,
there were bowls of apples and pecans and walnuts and caramel popcorn balls.
There was nothing else in my young life that quite equaled a trip to Grandma's
in the Fall.  Come to think of it, there's been very little that's equaled it since.
-- Elizabeth Aldrich
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