Battle of Seven Pines
Illustrations from "Harpers Weekly"
The farmhouses in the background, often
referred to as the Kuhn buildings, near
Williamsburg Road, Battle of Seven Pines
White Oak Swamp, west bank
of Chickahominy River
Union sharpshooter,
Battle of Seven Pines
The Allen house, one of several homes
turned into "hospitals" during and
after the Battle of Seven Pines
Union encampment near the Richmond and York River Railroad
A gun team from Battery 1, 1st US Artillery
tries to free equipment from the mud,
as they attempt to make their way
across the Chickahominy River to form
a defensive line north of Fair Oaks Station.
Union army surgeons the night of May 31,
as casualties are brought from the
Battle of Seven Pines
Soldiers from the Army of the Potomac
on an approach to the Grapevine Bridge
over the Chickahominy River
Bridge over the Chickahominy River
"Pickets in the woods"  Battle of Seven Pines
"Searching for the dead and wounded"  Battle of Seven Pines
The three photographs, one to
the right and two below, are
"With Courage and Delicacy"
"Furious Attack of Rebels on Kirby's Battery at Battle of Fair Oaks" by Mead
"Charge of Gen. Sickles' Brigade upon the Rebels at the Battle of Fair Oaks"