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Nancy Brister
The Battle of Seven Pines
Seven Pines Battlefield
The Battle of Seven Pines, also known as Fair Oaks, took place May 31 - June 1, 1862, in
Henrico County, Virginia.  In all, 84,000 men were engaged.  On May 31st, CSA Commander
Gen. Joseph E. Johnston attempted to overwhelm two Federal corps that appeared
isolated south of the Chickahominy River.  The Confederate assaults succeeded in driving
back the IV Corps and inflicting heavy casualties.  Union reinforcements arrived and both
sides fed more and more troops into the battle.  Supported by the III Corps and Sedgwick's
division of Sumner's II Corps, who crossed the rain-swollen river on Grapevine Bridge,
the Federal forces were stabilized.  On June 1, the Confederates renewed their assaults
against the Federals.  Last-minute reinforcements saved the Union from a serious defeat,
however, both sides claimed victory.  One of the bloodiest battles of the war, in two days,
there were 13, 736 casualties spread over the battlefield of Seven Pines; 5,739 Union and
7,997 Confederate.  Perhaps the most significant result of the battle, Commander Joseph
Johnston, at which time, commanded of the Army of Northern Virginia, was seriously
wounded.  A day later, the job fell to Gen. Robert E. Lee.

Lithograph by Currier and Ives, "Battle of Fair Oaks"