The Battle of Seven Pines
Photos & Illustrations
Quarles house, where many of the dead from the Battle of
7 Pines were buried, Fair Oaks, VA.
Battle of Seven Pines
Capt. Rufus D. Pettit's Battery B. 1st, NY Light Artilllery  
Lts. George Armstrong Custer, Nicolas Bowen and William G.
Jones, during the Peninsula Campaign.
House used as a hospital at Battle of Seven Pines
Graves of Confederate soldiers in Hollywood Cemetery,
where some of the casualties of  the
Battle of 7 Pines were buried; and more from other
battles of the Peninsula Campaign.
Hunting for Civil War relics began, in some cases, the day after a battle ended.  This postcard shows
Captain James E. Lyne standing in front of the relic shop where he sells artifacts from the Battle of
Seven Pines.  He, also, serves as a battlefield guide.  Captain Lyne fought in this battle, on the
Confederate side.  Postcard is circa 1900.  Please see note below!
The great-granddaughter of Captain Lyne has been in touch with me and she would love to hear
from anyone who may have information about her great-grandfather or the Virginia regiment
where he may have served.  If you have any info, please get in touch with
Betty.  Thank you!
Battlefield, Battle of Seven Pines
Illustration from the book, Civil War in Pictures: From the Drawing Boards of the Newspaper Artists who Recorded
the Conflict
.  The caption reads, "The Army of the Potomac, burying the dead at Fair Oaks Station, VA."
Seven Pines National Cemetery, Henrico County, Virginia