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Whispers from the Bayou
In whispers quiet, I hear the voices
from another time echo through the bayous.
And I listen to the tales they tell;
of life and death...
of happiness and sorrow...
of men and boats
and sudden storms
and voyages unfinished.
Where are they now, whose dreams gave life
to wood and steel and fashioned craft
to reap the harvest of the water?
Where is he who homeward came
at sunsets past and waved to loved ones
waiting on the shore?
Where are they who watched his face
as he drew near,
knowing the measure of the catch
would be reflected there?
I ask, where are they now?
And the voices whisper,
"We are here and will forever be
in this quiet, beside the water."

-- Jim Metcalf
The photos on this page are all from my beautiful home state of Louisiana.
I've identified specific locations when known.  -- Nancy
Greenwood Plantation, West Feliciana Parish
Audubon Park, New Orleans
New Orleans
Above & below:  St. Martin Parish
Above: Old State Capitol
Below: Current State Capitol
Baton Rouge
Laura Plantation, St. James Parish
Destrehan Plantation, St. Charles Parish
St. Francisville
New Orleans
Nottoway Plantation, Iberville Parish
Above & next two below: New Orleans
Belle Alliance Plantation, Assumption Parish
Myrtles Plantation, West Feliciana Parish