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Best Day of the Year
As I usually do at the end of a year, I went through my files and gathered
some photos that I'd collected but hadn't used on a web page - photos
that I thought were too nice to go to the cyber recycle bin without
sharing.  They're from various locations and have nothing in
common, except that I like them.

The title of the page comes from a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson:
"Write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year."

-- Nancy
Although the prayer flags of Tibet are the most well known, the custom has been
a tradition in other religions and cultures, as well.  I've read that prayer flags can
be found in the history of Native Americans and, also, in China, Japan and
Ireland, as well as, other Celtic cultures.  The flags are designed to fray in the
wind and, as they do, they disseminate thoughts and prayers of compassion,
hope and encouragement around the world - carried in the air like silent
prayers - so that any person or place touched by the wind will be uplifted.

These are worthy thoughts and timely ones.  The world is surely in
need of all the compassion, hope and encouragement it can get.
Wind chimes have an interesting history and can be traced back to ancient India,
where they were placed in temples, originally to frighten away birds.  Later, they
were thought to keep evil spirits away and attract benevolent ones.  Their popularity
spread throughout Asia and became modernized when the Chinese began to cast
bells.  Today, wind chimes can be found in gardens all over the world as
decorative accessories and are valued for their soothing, melodious tones.

I've been fascinated with wind chimes since I was a child.  I counted the wind
chimes in my backyard today and found that I had nine, all in assorted shapes,
sizes and tones.  I love to sit outside on a breezy day and listen to the sound of
the chimes.  I don't know about the birds in ancient India, but, happily, the birds
in my backyard aren't the least bit intimidated by my wind chimes.  In fact, they
often perch on them - even as they're chiming!
In this new year:
I will seek elegance, rather than luxury,
I will seek to be worthy, rather than to be popular,
I will seek to be wealthy, rather than to be rich,
I will think quietly, talk gently, act frankly.
I will listen to stars and birds and children with an open heart.
I will allow the spiritual to come through the common.
-- William Ellery Channing
Begin again.  It's a brand new day.  -- Mary Engelbreit
Never let yesterday use up too much of today.  -- Will Rogers
Beginning today, extend to each person you meet all the kindness
and understanding that you can muster.  Your life will never be
the same again.  
-- Og Mandino