Birds of a Feather
For the courage which comes when we call,
While troubles like hailstones fall;
For the help that is somehow nigh,
In the deepest night when we cry;
For the path that is certainly shown
When we pray in the dark alone,
Let us give thanks.

For the knowledge we gain if we wait
And bear all the buffets of fate;
For the vision that beautifies sight
If we look under wrong for the right;
For the gleam of the ultimate goal
That shines on each searching soul;
Let us give thanks.

For the consciousness stirring in creeds
That love is the thing the world needs;
For the cry of the travailing earth
That is giving a new attitude birth;
For the truth we are learning to find
In the heart and the soul and the mind,
Let us give thanks.

-- Ella Wilcox Wheeler
Not they most prize life's blessings and delights,
Who walk in safe and sunny paths always.
But those who, groping in the darkness, borrow
Pale rays from hope, to lead them through the night,
And in the long, long watches wait for day.
He knows not joy who has not first known sorrow.

-- Ella Wheeler Wilcox
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