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The Blue Pearl
The photos on this page were taken in Chefchaouen, Morocco, a city awash in
vivid hues of blue.  Chefchaouen was first established as a fort in 1471 and many
Jews and Moors, escaping the Spanish Inquisition, settled there.  Beginning in the
1930’s, more Jewish exiles arrived in Chefchaouen, this time fleeing from the Nazis.  
The color blue has an important significance in Judaism and the refugees painted
the town in vibrant shades of blue.  After World War II, most members of the
Jewish community moved to Israel.  But the predominantly Muslim Berber
residents of Chefchaouen have continued to honor the tradition, earning
the city its sobriquet, "The Blue Pearl of Morocco."  -- Nancy
There are songs enough for the hero
Who dwells on the heights of fame;
I sing of the disappointed,
For those who have missed their aim.

I sing with a tearful cadence
For one who stands in the dark,
And knows that his last, best arrow
Has bounded back from the mark.

I sing for the breathless runner,
The eager, anxious soul,
Who falls with his strength exhausted
Almost in sight of the goal;

For the hearts that break in silence,
With a sorrow all unknown,
For those who need companions,
Who walk their ways alone.

There are songs enough for the lovers
Who share love's tender pain,
I sing for the one whose passion
Is given all in vain.

And I know the Solar system
Must somewhere keep in space
A prize for that spent runner
Who barely lost the race.

For the plan would be imperfect
Unless it held some sphere
That paid for the love and toil
That go unrewarded here.

-- Ella Wheeler Wilcox