Christmas in the Capital
The photos on this page are from Washington, D.C.
The top picture was taken as this year's White House tree
was being delivered by way of traditional horse-drawn wagon.
The photo directly above shows the Capitol tree.
Above, the White House;
below, the National Tree, White House in background.
Library of Congress
Executive Office Building
Union Station
The Capitol
Above, Arlington National Cemetery; below, Vietnam Memorial
National Cathedral
Snowflakes in the air, carols everywhere,
Olden times and ancient rhymes,
And love and dreams to share.
-- From the Charlie Brown Christmas Special
Sleigh bells in the air, kindness everywhere,
Yuletide by the fireside,
Joyful memories there.
Christmas time is here, bringing warmth and cheer,
Oh, that we could always see
Such spirit through the year!
Above & below, White House;  photo below shows a gingerbread White House, complete
with Bo, the First Family's dog, sitting in front.  (This is from Christmas, 2012, Bo now
has a sister to keep him company, the Obama family adopted Sunny this past year.)
Above & below, Holiday Boat Parade of Lights
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The Capitol
McPherson Square
The Christmas lights light up the street, down where friend and stranger meet;
May all your troubles soon be gone...oh, Christmas lights, keep shining on.
-- Lyrics from 'Christmas Lights' by Coldplay
Tidal Basin