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The best laid plans of mice and men (and web hosts) often go awry and that's what happened
to my plan for this page.  I was going to devote this Journal page to the northern regions of
Italy, the next to the central regions and the next to the southern regions.  I started my
search in Liguria.  And that's where I stayed.
The region of Liguria is a narrow strip of land that lies between the Ligurian Sea and the
Maritime Alps.  It's known as the Italian Riviera and is famous for its quaint fishing villages,
stunning landscapes and beautiful beaches.  The ancient city of Genoa is the riviera's center,
dividing the
Riviera di Ponente (“the coast of the setting sun”) and the Riviera di Levante
(“the coast of the rising sun”).
All of the photos on this page were taken in the region of Liguria, Italy.  That wasn't the
plan.  But, once I was there, the Italian Riviera was just too beautiful to leave.
-- Nancy
The Coast of the Rising Sun
For the past 6 months, my best friend, Mary, and I have been exchanging gratitude
lists by way of e-mail.  Every day we note 5 things we've appreciated about that day.
We've found that our lists make us more aware of the small joys that we might other-
wise take for granted.  One of the things I've mentioned on my list is my appreciation
for happy memories.  When I found this little poem, "Gathering Memories," in a
magazine recently, I cut it out and put it on my fridge.  -- Nancy

Let your heart and mind retrace
Your collection of sweet gleanings,
And don't forget to be aware
Of fresh new-fathomed meanings.

Gather well your memories,
Store them against tomorrow -
There may be a time when the song is gone,
And their joy you'll need to borrow.
-- Mabel Gabbott