Windows of Gold
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Windows of Gold
There is a legend that has often been told of a boy who searched for the windows of gold,
The beautiful windows he saw far away when he looked in the valley at sunrise each day.
Where you love is home; you may leave, but your heart remains.
-- Oliver Wendell Holmes
He yearned to go down to the valley below, but he lived on a mountain covered with snow,
And he knew it would be a difficult trek, but it was a journey he wanted to make.
So he planned by day and he dreamed by night of how he could reach the great shining light.
One golden morning, when dawn broke through and the valley sparkled with diamonds of dew,
He started to climb down the mountainside, with the windows of gold as his goal and his guide.
He traveled all day and, weary and worn, with bleeding feet and clothes tattered and torn,
He entered the sweet, peaceful valley town just as the bright golden sun went down.
But he seemed to have lost his guiding light - the windows were dark that had once been bright.
And, hungry and tired and lonely and cold, he cried, "Won't you show me the windows of gold?"
And a kind hand touched him and said, "Behold - high on the mountain are the windows of gold."
For, the sun going down in a great golden ball, had brightened the windows of his cabin so small.
Sometimes when we search, the whole world to roam, the thing that we're seeking is waiting at home.
-- Helen S. Rice
The photos on this page were taken in the country of Croatia.