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Land of Fire and Ice
Iceland sits on the mid-oceanic boundary between the American and Eurasian tectonic
plates.  Frequent volcanic eruptions come about because of the rifting process between
the two plates.  Though only the size of the U.S. state of Virginia, over the past 500 years,
Iceland's volcanoes have contributed to a third of the entire global lava output.   This
beautiful land of fire and ice features the visual drama of volcanic eruptions, volcanic
storms, northern lights and some of the most stunning coastal scenery in the world.
-- Nancy
If I have let this day pass by
and can't remember something good about it,
then I have been ungrateful
and I ask forgiveness.
If I have been involved too much with me,
my wants and woes,
to see the beauty that surrounds me,
then I have played the fool and I am sorry.
If I have not stretched out my hands
to loved ones to show them that I care,
then I have been unfeeling and I am ashamed.
If I have failed to help when it was needed,
yet asked others to help me,
then I have been selfish and I apologize.
If I have not seen the face of God
reflected in a million ways and places,
then I have been blind and I ask for another chance
to try again tomorrow.
-- Jim Metcalf