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From the World, with Love
I recently looked through a box that contains some mementoes from my childhood.  My mother
saved the things she thought I might like to keep, until I was of an age when I started saving
things myself.  We did a pretty good job of saving, especially me, since I'm more sentimental than
my Mom ever was or ever wanted to be.  (In other words, there's considerably more than one box!)
I hadn't gone through the contents of this particular box in a very long while and one of the things
that interested me most were the postcards from my cousin's husband, Red Hancock.  Red married
my cousin, Ruthie, when I was about two years old and from that point forward - throughout my
childhood, my teenage years and into adulthood - he faithfully sent me postcards from wherever
he happened to find himself.  Since he was a merchant marine who probably visited most
of the countries on the planet, you can imagine how busy he kept the post office.
After my son was born, Red transferred his attention to him and continued to send him postcards
from all over the world until he reluctantly retired from his career of almost 50 years at sea.  The
cards my Mom and I saved form quite an impressive list of locations (and, just think,
undoubtedly, many of the cards he sent didn't make it into the box):
England, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Italy, Liberia, Thailand,
India, Korea, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina,
Brazil, Mexico, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Barbados and most of the large U.S. ports.
He always signed his notes the same way, depending on the location:
"From Red, in Rio de Janeiro, with love"....."From Red, in Casablanca, with love."
When I started putting this page together, I wasn't content to feature just one place, as I
usually do.  Red's postcards made me want to take a virtual trip all over the world and share
the images with you, as he shared the images of his travels with me.  In a way, this page is
really from both of us...and from the world...with love.
-- Nancy
Above, Barcelona, Spain; picture at the top of the page is Rome, Italy.
Prague, Czech Republic
Burenos Aires, Argentina
Quito, Ecuador
Casablanca, Morocco
Nerja, Spain
Hallstatt, Austria
Nantes, France
Milan, Italy
Strasbourg, France
Dublin, Ireland
Seville, Spain
New Orleans, USA
Istanbul, Turkey
Victoria, Canada
Agra, India
Mexico City, Mexico
Cartagena, Colombia
Paris, France
Kyoto, Japan
Sydney, Australia
San Francisco, USA
Vancouver, Canada
Amsterdam, Netherlands
New York City, USA
Monte Carlo, Monaco
Pisa, Italy
Salzburg, Austria
Lucerne, Switzerland
Budapest, Hungary
Bruges, Belgium
London, England
The SS Del Norte, pictured above, was one of three ships Delta Steamship Company used for their
service from New Orleans to South America; the others were the SS Del Sud and the SS Del Mar.
When I was a child, it was a thrill to go down to the wharf and meet one of Red's ships when he returned,
especially if it was one of the 3 "Dels", because, in those days, they were the largest ships I'd ever seen.
Once, when I was about five, we went on board and met the captain of the Del Norte.  I couldn't have
been more awe-struck if it had been the President.  I remember that he gave me a little mint candy,
which I refused to eat, because I wanted to save it (forever!)
.  It would not have surprised me one bit to
find a tattered, moldy mint in the bottom of that box of postcards.  But, sad to say, the mint has
apparently gone the way of the three "Dels" and is no more.