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A Morning
in June
As I write this, we're only a few days away from June 21st (a day I would
celebrate even if it didn't happen to be my birthday!).  June 21st is the first day
of Summer.  I know it's only symbolic, since summer weather has been with us
for several weeks now, but to someone who dislikes cold weather and loves
warm weather as much as I do, it's still a day to be noted and appreciated -
day to anticipate and to celebrate.  I went searching for pictures of things
make Summer joyful and spent the whole search smiling.  I hope the
- and the season - make you smile, too.  Happy Summer
days, my friends.
-- Nancy
Let me remember as the days grow long,
How brief a time is summer, how sweet her song;
How children delight in the barefoot days,
How the gardens grow in the hot sun's rays;
How much excitement fills the air
On opening day of the county fair.
From early freshness through the heat of noon,
To lingering twilight......summer goes too soon.
-- Mabel Gabbott
There are a few delightful things that money can't buy.
Chief among them is a morning in June.  -- John Gibson
Summer afternoon . . . the two most beautiful words
in the English language.  -- Henry James
I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where
it was always June.  -- L. M. Montgomery
The scent of gardenia and honeysuckle woke me this morning,
and I went out to find June everywhere.  -- Ann McGough
Then came that beautiful season, Summer . . . filling the days with a
magical light . . . everything looked as if it had been newly created
in the freshness of youth.  -- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
June . . . when all is suggested, but nothing's yet fulfilled.
-- Francis King
The first few days of June are a jeweled balm for battered
spirits.  One can begin to believe that most everything's right
with the world . . . and what isn't right can easily be fixed.
-- Ada Huxtable