The Magic Link
I'm a city girl.  The extent of my experience with horses dates back to my childhood and
the pony rides in New Orleans' Audubon Park.  (Unless you include the horses on the
carousel in City Park, but I imagine those wouldn't really count?)
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Still, I've always appreciated - albeit from a cautious distance - the incredible beauty
and grace of horses.
I once worked with a lady named Janice, who was a devoted horse person and she used
to talk about the extraordinary connection between horses and their humans.  She
called it the "magic link" and she insisted that her horses could actually read her mind.
Some might doubt that, but, since I've had extraordinary connections with dogs all my
life - who proved time and again that they could read my mind - who was I to argue?
I was thinking about Janice the other day and that's undoubtedly the reason I was
drawn to photos of horses when I started putting this Journal together.
This page is dedicated to the "magic link" of friendship - whether between people
and people or people and their much-loved furred or feathered friends.  -- Nancy
The language of friendship is not words, but meanings.  It is an
intelligence above language.  
-- Clyde Francis Little
Said Mrs. Browning, the poet, to Charles Kingsley, the novelist, "Tell me your
secret to a beautiful life.  I would like to make my life beautiful, too."  The
beloved old author thought a moment and then replied, "I had a friend."
"Why did you do all this for me?" he asked.  "I've never done anything for you."
"You have been my friend," she replied.  "That in itself is a tremendous thing."
-- E. B. White, from Charlotte's Web
Line by line, moment by moment, friends are etched into our memories in
the permanent ink of love and devotion.  
-- Gloria Gaither
I am your friend.  There is nothing I can give you which you have not got.  But there
is much, very much, that, while I cannot give it, you can take.
-- Fra Giovanni
He strove to find the good in me and, then, as only true friends
will, he quietly forgave the rest.  
-- Van Hooper
I never came to you, my friend, and went away without some
new enrichment of the heart.  
-- Grace Crowell
A good friend never gets in your way, unless you happen
to be going down.  
-- Arnold H. Glasow
A friend is someone who sings your heart's song back to you
when you've forgotten the words.  
-- David Coppola
You call me friend, but do you realize how much the name implies...
It means that down the years, through happiness and tears,
There's always someone standing by your heart.
You call me friend, and so your life and mine grow richer in design...
And I would have you know, wherever you may go,
There's always someone standing by your heart.
--  Hilda Butler Farr