Images of Rex Through the Years
The Krewe of Rex was founded in 1872 and their parade is a well-loved
highlight of Mardi Gras Day.  Rex reigns supreme as "King of Carnival"
and each year he issues a proclamation.  This one is from 1924:


The Lord High Chamberlain of His Majesty's Household announces
that the King will pay his annual visit to his beloved capital city
of New Orleans on the Great Fete Day of Mardi Gras.

A hearty welcome is extended to all loyal subjects to participate
with his Royal Household in the fullness of this Season of Joy.
The festivities and pageants arranged for his Majesty's reception
will surpass in joyousness and splendor the most brilliant
attainments of his glorious past.

It is ordained that good weather shall prevail and the city of
flowers in its festive array promises abundant pleasure to
all within her gates.

- By the King Himself, Rex
1874 - Rex and his Queen:  William Pike and Margaret Maginnis.
There's a story that Mr. Pike was asked to be the first King of Rex
two years earlier.  However, at that time, he was uncertain of his
equestrian skills and concerned about riding the lead horse in
the parade.  But practice makes perfect and, by 1874, he'd
gained enough confidence to accept the honor.
King Rex at the head of his parade, 1875; illustration by James Wells
Champney, from the book "The Great South," by Edward King.
Rex on Canal Street, 1885; illustration by John Durkin,
published in "Harper's Weekly," March, 1885.
Rex on Canal Street, 1900
Rex landing at the riverfront, Lundi Gras, 1901
Rex, 1904
Rex accepts the key to the city, 1920
Rex, Canal Street, 1938
Rex in front of Gallier Hall, 1938
Above and two photos below, Rex toasts his queen at the Boston Club
on Canal Street; above, 1940.
Rex, 1958
Rex, Canal Street, 1966
Rex - I believe this is Napoleon Avenue, 1973
Rex in front of Gallier Hall, 1953