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Whispers - Home
Old New Orleans

Friday's Journal
My little granddaughter celebrated a birthday recently.  Because the weather
can't always be counted on to cooperate on her actual birth date, her mom and
dad usually wait a few weeks for a warmer day to have her birthday party.
But they don't want her special day to go unnoticed, so they do a family
celebration of some kind on the date itself.  This year was no exception
and they all had a wonderful day (the birthday girl especially).
That night, after she had gone to bed, she called downstairs to her mom, "Would
you please come take my picture?"  "Why?" asked her mom.  "Because," Sarah
explained, "I want a picture of today, so I can remember it forever."
Who knows how long she may hold that memory in her heart...or what
it might one day mean to her?
My grandmother was born in May, so her birthstone was an emerald.  On one
of her birthdays, when her children were teenagers, they presented her with
a brooch - just costume jewelry, but the stones were a faux-emerald green.
A real emerald - or a truckload of them - couldn't have meant more to her.
Three small stones formed an arch over a larger, middle stone and they told
her that the smaller stones represented her three children, who loved her.
Years later, she would sometimes get that brooch out of her little jewelry box
just to look at it.  She said that it wasn't only the brooch she was seeing,
but the day, forty years before, when her children had given it to her.
Now, many years later, I sometimes take the brooch out of her little jewelry
box just to look at it.  But it isn't only the brooch I'm seeing, it's the happiness
on my grandmother's face as she traveled back to a very special memory.
Memories are such fragile things, but they can mean so much.  What
could be better than giving someone the gift of a day - or a moment -
that they will want to remember forever?  --  Nancy
The photos on this page were all taken in Australia.
Take the gift of a moment and make something beautiful of it.  Few
worthwhile experiences just happen, memories are made on purpose.
-- Gloria Gaither
People think of memories as a key to the past, but sometimes
they can, also, be a key to the future.
-- Corrie ten Boom
The world is full of wonder and beauty. But no matter how far we wander,
we can, in an instant, call back precious memories of home and family.
-- Valerie Luesse
Special times are etched into our memories in the permanent ink of love.
-- Susan Baker