Municipal Auditorium
New Orleans Firemen pose next to (presumably) new equipment
outside of the Municipal Auditorium, 1950's.
Municipal Auditorium postcard, ca. 1930's.
Elvis Presley performs at the Municipal Auditorium, 1956.
(Photo from "Elvis Close-Up" by Ger Rijff.)
The Municipal Auditorium is a multi-purpose arena, adjacent to Louis Armstrong
Park, in the Treme neighborhood of the city, near the central business district.  
It was constructed in 1930.  Over the years, it hosted many concerts, sports and
civics events and Mardi Gras balls important to the life of the city.  Both the N.
O. Buccaneers and the N. O. Jazz basketball teams played here.  In its hey-day,
it was
the place in New Orleans to perform.
New Orleanians who were children from the 1940's-1980's fondly remember it as
the venue for Ringling Brothers Circus every year.  Most locals probably
associate the auditorium with the Mardi Gras balls held there for so many years.
The levee failures in 2005 heavily damaged the auditorium and, as of this date,
its future is uncertain.   -- Nancy