Street Scenes of Old New Orleans: Canal Boulevard
Canal Boulevard just after completion of
railroad underpass, near Pontalba Street, 1953
Above & below, Canal Street and City Park Avenue at Canal Boulevard, 1950's.
This isn't "old" New Orleans, but I included it because this art deco style
home had always been one of my favorite houses on Canal Blvd.  Though
damaged from flooding, it was still standing after the levee failures in
August, 2005, only to be struck by one of the tornadoes that hit the city in
February, 2006, resulting in the damage you see above.
Rockery Supermarket, Canal Blvd. at Robert E. Lee Blvd, 1953
Shell Service Station, Canal Blvd. at Robert E. Lee Blvd, 1953
The neutral ground on Canal Boulevard, 1956.
Canal Boulevard, 1929.
Canal Boulevard, 1929.