A Few of My Favorite Images
St. Louis Cathedral
Sketches of St. Louis Cathedral, 1838
In its picture postcard setting, facing Jackson Square and flanked on one side by the Cabildo and the
other by the Presbytere, I don't think it's possible to take a bad photograph of St. Louis Cathedral.  
Whether by day or night, with bright, blue sky as a backdrop or with river mist floating around it,
pictures of St. Louis Cathedral are just about guaranteed to be perfect.
Any New Orleanian will tell you that St. Louis Cathedral is the heart of the city.  It's where the
community has gathered throughout the history of New Orleans - to celebrate, to mourn, to attend
civic, political and social events, to pray for an end to war and to give thanks at war's end, to grieve
national tragedies, to protest policies, to hold candlelight vigils, to welcome visitors from around
the world.  The old cathedral has seen governments come and go, nations' flags lowered and
raised.  It has been a faithful witness to the city's long and rich history.
St. Louis Cathedral has the distinction of being the oldest continually operating cathedral in the
United States.  There has been a church on this site since 1718.  The first church was a crude
wooden structure in the early days of the colony; the second was built in 1727, and was destroyed,
along with much of the city, in the Great Fire of Good Friday, 1788.   This building, the third
church, opened its doors in 1794, the same year it was elevated to cathedral status.  It underwent
extensive renovation in 1850.
The people of New Orleans - of all religions - come together here because it's where we feel we
should be when something important transpires in the life of our city or country.  -- Nancy
This image of a statue of Christ reflected on the back wall of the
cathedral was taken from St. Anthony's Garden.  It's a shot that almost
anyone with a camera finds irresistible when they stumble on it after dark
and the garden's lighting provides this striking effect.
Postcard depiction of St. Louis Cathedral, ca. 1900
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