T. Pittari's Restaurant
Howard Weinberg shared this wonderful T. Pittari's Tourist Guide with me and
I'm so happy to share it with you.  It's filled with interesting tidbits about the
city (ca. 1960's) and includes some of the restaurant's recipes.  -- Nancy
In business since 1895, the restaurant was popular with both natives and tourists.  In addition to the
usual fare found in a fine New Orleans restaurant, T. Pittari's featured decidedly unusual wild and
domestic game.  Angus beef, Italian and Creole dishes and seafood were, also, important parts of the
menu.  Mr. Tom Pittari, Sr., was the first restaurateur in the city to import Maine lobster; that was in 1952
and, until then, the smaller and less tasty Caribbean lobster was the standard.  (Mr. Pittari started by
flying in 6 lobsters a month and wound up serving over 1,500 a month.)  As Mr. Pittari said in this
brochure, "T. Pittari's and New  Orleans are both unique."   New Orleans is one of the most unique cities
in America and, for almost 100 years, T. Pittari's was one of its great and unique restaurants.
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Pittari, Sr.; joined, in the photo on the left, by their son, Tom, Jr.
This booklet was probably published in the 1960's.  It's filled with 15 pages of
interesting 'touristy' info about the city; several pages of T. Pitarri's recipes are
included.  Just click on the graphics below and when the image comes up, click
again for a larger view.  Recipes start on page 10.  -- Nancy
T. Pittari's, 4200 S. Claiborne Avenue, 1960's