The photos on this page were taken in Pembrokeshire, Wales.  Located in south
west Wales, it's a maritime county, bordered by the sea on three sides.  It's home to
Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, the only coastal national park of its kind in the U.K.
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Life Notes
Life Notes:  Lessons for My Children
by Kim Bongiorno
The Pembrokeshire Coast Path is unique in that - at varying points - it offers coastal
views in every direction of the compass.  Pembrokeshire has been voted the
second best coastal destination in the world by National Geographic magazine.
Hold the door for the person behind you.
Pick up what you saw fall, even if you didn't drop it.
Don't trust everyone.  Don't not trust anyone.
Give the benefit of the doubt, especially when you're cranky.
[Cottage built for the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows film.]
Read to someone who can't, write to someone who can.
Give a kid a penny to toss into the fountain.
Get mad, but don't get even.
Don't take advantage of the kindness of others.
Make people laugh without making anyone cry.
Be light in your heart and steady on your feet.
Take chances that won't hurt you or others.
Don't sneak extra items in the grocery store 12-or-Less lane.
Admit to your mistakes.
Think first, act second.
Tell people when you are proud of them.
Write down birthdays.
Return library books on time.
Pretend Grandma's fruitcake is delicious.
Offer your seat, your ball, your friends to the new kid.
Floss, and not just the week before your dentist appointment.
Don't park in the handicapped space unless it applies to you.
Enjoy your cupcake.
Eat your vegetables.
Be the kind of person your mom always knew you could be.