The Cavalry Moves West
5th Cavalry:  Two of Col. Wesley
Merritt's companies in the Black hills,
Dakota Territory, 1876.
U.S. Cavalry, Colorado, 1875
7th Cavalry & 6th Infantry:  Gen. George Custer,
officers & ladies at Fort Lincoln, North Dakota;
Custer is third from left, on the other side of the
man standing next to him is Mrs. Elizabeth Custer.
Cavalry officers outside of Gen. Merritt's
Headquarters, Whitewood Creek, Black Hills,
Dakota Territory, 1876.
U.S. Cavalry rides down the main
street of Rosita, Colorado, 1875
Officers of the 3rd Cavalry, during the
Sioux Campaign, pose near French Creek,
Black Hills, Dakota Territory, 1876.
Cavalrymen marching in front of Ft. Gordon
Stockade, Black Hills, Dakota Territory, 1876.
Col. Mills and officers of the 3rd Cavalry; the
7th Cavalry's flag is shown displayed, as it
had just been recaptured after a victory at the
battle of Slim Buttes, in the Sioux Campaign.
Seven Native American Sioux who were
captured in the Slim Buttes battle, Black
Hills, Dakota Territory, 1876.
Cheyenne Scouts patrolling the big
timber of northern Oklahoma, 1889.
Col. Frederick Van Vliet and officers of the
3rd Cavalry pose on a rock outcropping in
the Black Hills, Dakota Territory, 1876.
Gen. Phillip Sheridan sits on a
rock beside an officer and a
scout; Montana; 1885.
2nd Regiment, Colorado National Guards pose in
front of the Buddecke & Diehl Outfitters Opera
House, in Montrose, Colorado; 1912.
Chief Big Road camp at Pine Ridge Agency,
South Dakota; two Sioux and a white man on a hill
overlooking the encampment:  tepees, horses
and the walled tents of the 7th Cavalry; 1890.
Decoration Day parade in Montrose, Colorado;
Signs on buildings say: W.W. Robinson, grocer;
Johnson's Confectionary; Olson's Dry Goods;
Ling Lee Laundry; 1888.
Custer's Last Stand, the site of the
Battle of Little Bighorn.
Ogalala Lakota Sioux Indian Scouts with their
commander Lt. John J. Pershing, Pine Ridge
Reservation, South Dakota, 1891.
"Here November 26, 1876, Gen. R. S. MacKenzie
with forces from the 2nd, 3rd, 4th 5th Cavalry,
4th, 9th Artillery, 9th, 23rd Infantry, defeated the
Cheyennes under Dull Knife."
7th Cavalry:  "Buffalo Bill" Cody stands holding
the hand of a small Native American child, along
with a group of soldiers from the US 7th Cavalry
and other Native Americans, 1894.
A Black Corporal (Buffalo Soldier) in the Ninth
Cavalry poses on the Native American Lakota
Sioux Pine Ridge Agency, South Dakota, 1891.
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