This is the index page for the "Oldwest-Cowboys-
Indian Scouts" mailing list that I once administered.
The list is no longer active, but I've left the pages I
created for it here on my website.   -- Nancy
People and Places of the Old West
A Visit to Uncle Pete's Cabin
The Cavalry Moves West
Images of Wounded Knee
Out West in Pictures and Postcards
Life in the West as illustrated by Currier & Ives
Trains of the West as illustrated by Currier & Ives
The Continental Crossing
The Buffalo Hunt
  Recollections of a Cow Puncher
 Illustrations from "The Road to Oregon"
    Old West Images   
Wild West Shows    
Sketch:  "Sunday in Deadwood"
Excerpts from Chapter 1, The Pathmakers
                     from "The Road to Oregon"                   
Goin' West.......by Way of the River
Covered Wagons
Letter from Dallas:  Look Out Here....
Index of Pages
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