Illustrations from
A Chronicle of the Great Emigrant Trail
by W. J. Ghent, 1929
"Emigrant Train in the Rocky Mountains
From a rare print of an engraving by F. F. Palmer (1866)"
"Methodist Mission at the Dallas
Drawn by Major Osborne Cross (1849)"
"Whitman's Mission at Waiilatpu in 1843
From Myron Eells' 'Marcus Whitman, Pathfinder and Patriot" (1909)"
"Fort Laramie in 1842
rom Fremont's Report"
         Emigrant Train Crossing Nebraska
From Henry Howe's 'Historical Collections
the Great West' (1859)"
"Independence Rock
Drawn by Major Osborne Cross (1849)"
"Descent After Leaving the Blue Mountains
Drawn by Major Osborne Cross (1849)"
"Fort Sutter
From Joseph W. Revere's 'A Tour of Duty in California' (1849)"
"Tracks of the Trail in Western Wyoming
From Grace Raymond Hebard's
'The Pathbreakers from River to Ocean' "
"Fort Walla Walla
From Myron Eells' 'Marcus Whitman' (1903)"
"The Corrall
From T. S. Kenderdine's 'A California Tramp'
An Overloaded Concord Coach
From an old photograph
"Fort Boise
Drawn by Major Osborne Cross (1849)"
"Troops Guarding the Overland Mail
from a photograph of an old drawing
published in 'The Overland Stage' "
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Ghosts of the past.....the tracks of the Oregon Trail,
if they could speak, what stories they would tell.