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Prairie Ghosts
Most of the photographs on this page are from the prairies of the U.S. and Canada.
In the United States, some of these areas (but not all) are found in Nebraska, Kansas,
Oklahoma, the Dakotas, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado; in Canada, they are located
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

The prairies in both countries are dotted with abandoned homesteads, barns and other
buildings - left by settlers who, after a generation or two in one place, heeded the call
of western migration and moved on.  Whether you come across a wagon wheel from the
19th century or a rusted automobile from the Dust Bowl era, the theme remains the same.
One day, the people who lived here packed their children, their belongings and their
dreams into a covered wagon or a car and moved on.  But the prairie ghosts remain.
-- Nancy
I hear ethereal whispers,
Persuasive, soft and still:
"If you don't remember us,
who will?"
-- Dot Stutter