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Sentimental Journey
The photos on this page were taken on Spain's Canary Islands, situated in the
Atlantic Ocean, west of Morocco.  They are the most southerly area of Spain
and the largest and most populated archipelago of the region.
During the time of the Spanish Empire, the Canaries were the main stopover
for Spanish galleons on their way to the Americas.  Because of the beautiful
beaches, climate and many natural attractions, the Canary Islands are a
major tourist destination with over 12 million visitors a year.
Gonna take a sentimental journey,
Gonna set my heart at ease.
Gonna make a sentimental journey,
To renew old memories.
Got my bag,
Got my reservation.
Spent each dime
I could afford.
Like a child
In wild anticipation,
I long to hear that
"All aboard!"
Never thought
My heart could be so yearning,
Now why did I decide to roam?
Gonna take a sentimental journey,
Sentimental journey home.

-- Bud Green
The page's title has no connection with the Islands - beautiful as they are, I don't
have any sentimental attachment to them - but I've always loved Doris Day's
rendition of the song, "Sentimental Journey."  Though she recorded it before I was
born, I chanced to hear it when I was a teenager and it's been a favorite ever since.
It was Doris Day's first #1 hit and the song's release in 1945 coincided with the end of
WWII in Europe and became the unofficial homecoming theme for many veterans.
-- Nancy