Simple Joys
Oh, for the simple joys of Christmases past!  The time beyond memory,
the days my mother and grandmother talked about with such nostalgic
longing.  The days when having less meant enjoying the season more.
The days of home-made tree decorations and home-made fudge.  The
days before 'holiday stress' and 'shopping mall fatigue.'  T
he days of
simple joys and heartfelt pleasures!  
-- Susan Whitworth
Happy, happy Christmas, that can win us back to the delusions of childhood
days, recall us to the pleasures of our youth, and transport the traveler
back to his own fireside and quiet, humble home.  
-- Charles Dickens
Along with Christmas belong the keepsakes and customs.
Those humble, everyday things we cling to and ponder
in the secret places of our hearts.  
-- Eva Logue
Christmas wraps itself around us - a feeling so intangible that it's
like a fragrance.  It weaves a spell of nostalgia and makes us think
of everyone and everything we've ever loved.  
-- Augusta Rundel
How many times have we seen children discard an expensive gift and happily play
in the fort they made from its box?  I've noticed that it's, also, the simple things
of the season that capture the attention of adults:  the warmth of a stranger's
greeting, the unexpected kindness of a friend,  the ornament made by a child's
hand, the candy that reminds us of the fudge mom used to make.  I've seen
holiday lighting displays that boggle the mind with their lavish complexity.  But
the one I'll always remember was the seasonal display of a neighbor who used
to darken the front of the house completely and place a lone lit candle in one
window.  It stood in stark contrast to most of the other well-decorated houses
in the neighborhood, but, in its simplicity, it offered a comforting reassurance
and spoke to me, truly, of the meaning of the season.  
-- Nancy Brister
Christmas...tenderness for the past, courage for the present,
hope for the future.  
-- Agnes Pharo
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